Upgrade Your Membership

It is possible to upgrade your Six Flags Membership to a more expensive (higher priced) Membership during your initial 12 month commitment. It is NOT possible to downgrade your Membership to a less expensive Membership, although if you are past your initial 12 month commitment you may cancel your original Membership and sign up for any Memberships that are currently available on our website.

How To Upgrade Your Membership

We are working on a less complicated method of upgrading Memberships. For now, we need you to follow these steps exactly:

1. Write down the confirmation number from your original Membership order.

Your confirmation/order number can be found in the confirmation email you received when you initially signed up for your current Membership. If you aren't sure of your confirmation number, you can look it up right now by completing this form:

2. Buy the Membership that you want from the Six Flags website.

If you want to upgrade to a Gold Membership, purchase a Gold Membership. If you want to upgrade to a Combo Membership, purchase a Combo Membership. Be sure that the number of Gold or Combo Memberships you purchase now is equal to the number of Gold or Combo Memberships included in your original order.

Which park do you want a Membership for?

3. Write down your NEW confirmation number.

You should at this point have an old confirmation number and a new confirmation number. You are almost done!

4. Call us at (407) 261-4290.

Tell us that you would like to upgrade your Membership and that you have already signed up for your new Membership. Tell us both the OLD confirmation number and the NEW confirmation number. We will then cancel your OLD membership.

6. Pick up your new Membership card at the park.

If you already have a Membership card destroy it. On your next visit to the park bring your NEW Membership vouchers with you to the Season Pass Processing Center and they will give you a new Membership card.

Questions About Upgrades

Can I upgrade my Membership over the phone?

Please follow the process above to complete your upgrade. If you run into problems you can call us at (407) 261-4290 and we will walk you through the process. NOTE: Even if you call us you must have access to computer (with an Internet connection) to complete the upgrade.

Can I upgrade my Membership at the park?

Not at this time. For the fastest, best possible experience we recommend following the steps described above.

What happens if I try to upgrade my Membership at the park?

Our guest relations personnel will ask you to complete the upgrade when you get home. There is nothing we can do to upgrade your Membership at the park at this time.

How long does it take for an upgrade to become active?

Your "upgraded" Membership will be active immediately after you complete step #2. The process of cancelling your previous order may take several business days to complete.

What happens if I am charged twice in a month: once for my old Membership and again for my new upgraded Membership?

Although we make every effort to keep this from happening, if it does happen please call us at (407) 261-4290 with both your old confirmation number and your new confirmation number. We will send it to our accounting department for processing. This may take several days, but we will rectify the situation for you.

Will I receive a refund for my initial order?

No refunds will be applied if your Memberships have previously been used at the park. Six Flags may offer a refund if your Memberships were purchased during the same period in which you executed your upgrade.

Can I downgrade my Membership from a more expensive pass to a less expensive pass?

Downgrades are not possible at this time.

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